Winter driving presents many challenges to drivers in British Columbia. A large proportion of inter-regional drivers use the highway transportation system through Service Area 14 to access the Interior and other regions of BC. VSA provides winter road and highway maintenance, providing for plowing, sanding, inspection, and patrol of the transportation system. Our employees and equipment work up to 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Depending on actual or forecasted weather and road and highway conditions, VSA will plow and/or apply winter abrasives and chemical agents to supply safe driving conditions and traction for drivers.

VSA uses an array of equipment to provide many different time and weather sensitive services. Equipment and attachments include front plows, underbody plows, wing plows, and extendable underbodies. Traction materials are dispensed with spinners and sprayers. Application and use of each device and material is designed to provide the best possible solution to provision of a safe road or highway.